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A Room With A View

Lauren Cowell March 31, 2012 Lauren's Corner, Lauren's Poetry No Comments

Furthermore you will find me, peering through the port hole.

The window is no longer a mere window but, a gate way to my hearts desire, an opening into a virtual paradise.

The object of my affection slips out of her uniform, she slaves her day away at a fast food restaurant. Her allure wasted, hidden behind a thick layer of a prejudice and a request for an extra portion of chips.

The huge distance between our lives, mocked by the minute one-way street between our homes.

I see her glances in her mirror, I see the look of dejection when her phone rings and the caller is not me.

Yet, she does not know my face, my life, my soul. She knows nothing, nothing of all the things I wish to share with her.

I long to taste her exuberence, to smell her happiness, to glimpse her soul.

She is aware I’m watching her, she knows she is mine.

She’s my captivation. The first place prize in the race of life.

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